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About Us

We are a wholesale food company and foodstuffs supplier. At present we offer distribution of wide range of raw ingredients and foodstuffs for delicatessen, confectionary and bakery production. We deliver our goods by our own vehicles all around the Czech Republic.

More than 10 years we have been systematically improving our services in order to meet our customers’ needs – we have been extending our product portfolio, making deliveries faster and orders easier.

A basic principle of our work is communication. We always try to find best solutions for our customers and discuss with them their current or long-term wishes and individual needs, relating to our supplies.

Thanks to our professional attitude to work we have grown from a small family business into a dynamic foodstuffs wholesale company.

The main reasons why our customers are satisfied are:

  • Complete offer of raw ingredients and convenience foods
  • Fast delivery
  • Easy ordering on the Internet
  • Our kind and positive attitude to work and willingness to solve individual requirements of our customers.

We are Refi-CZ

We are your gastro supplier


For Suppliers


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Who are we looking for?

We are still looking for new suppliers. If you are a food producer, grower or distributor, please contact us with your offer. We will be pleased to discuss possible cooperation with you.

We are especially looking for suppliers who:

  • Can extend our assortment of goods by new innovative foodstuffs
  • Offer favourable prices
  • Offer products of high quality


Receipt of goods

Our central warehouse in Prague is fully equipped to receive goods by many different ways – by car, van, truck, consignment etc. We are also ready to deal about a possibility to collect the goods in your manufacturing plant or company by our refrigerated vehicles, or by cars of external carrier.


Guarantee of high-quality transport

Our main concern is to take care of the transported foodstuffs with regards to their quality. All our vehicles are fitted with refrigeration system. Work in our central warehouse and in dispatching centre is well organised so that we could always deliver fresh and high-quality foodstuffs.




  Invoice data   Adress
Štefánikova 265/26 Zdiměřická 1412/1
  150 00 Praha 5   149 00 Praha 4 - Chodov
  IČO: 634 96 411   Lieferung aus den Strassen
  DIČ: CZ 634 96 411   Ke Kateřinkám
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Managing Director
Vykouk Ivan          
Ivan Vykouk        
Phone: 272 942 585        
Mobile: 603 157 478        
Sales Department
Horová Andrea   Vykouk Tomáš   Macourková Lenka  
Ing. Andrea Horová  Tomáš Vykouk  Ing. Lenka Macourková
Phone: 272 942 586 Phone: 272 942 586 Phone: 272 942 584
Mobile: 603 141 257 Mobile: 725 800 592 Mobile: 602 339 753
E-mail: andrea.horova@refi-cz.cz E-mail: tomas.vykouk@refi-cz.cz E-mail: lenka.macourkova@refi-cz.cz
Economics Department
Chief Financial Officer HR Department Economist
Vykouk Pavel     Vykouk Aleš  
Pavel Vykouk Ing. Martina Vanišová Aleš Vykouk 
Phone: 272 942 582   Phone: 272 942 583
Mobile: 732 174 412 Mobile: 725 587 280 Mobile: 725 587 280
E-mail: pavel.vykouk@refi-cz.cz E-mail: personalistika@refi-cz.cz E-mail: ales.vykouk@refi-cz.cz
Operating Department
Head of Operating Department Orders  
Zelenka Antonín   Drdlová Pamela   Dudová Ivana  
Antonín Zelenka Pamela Drdlová Ivana Dudová
Phone / Fax: 272 942 557 / 590 Phone / Fax: 272 942 556 / 590 Phone: 272 942 555
Mobile: 603 116 189 Mobile: 604 266 734 Fax: 272 942 590
E-mail: antonin.zelenka@refi-cz.cz E-mail: pamela.drdlova@refi-cz.cz E-mail: ivana.dudova@refi-cz.cz


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